Lived Experiences Of A Pastor's Kid


  • Perla J Alonso Northern Luzon Adventist College
  • Dann Raven L Calaunan Northern Luzon Adventist College
  • Brandon L Calaunan Northern Luzon Adventist College
  • Angela Mae B Gomez Northern Luzon Adventist College
  • Charina S Habon Northern Luzon Adventist College
  • Cheryl Lyn A. Sanchez Northern Luzon Adventist College


experience, pastor;s kid, lived experiences


Problem: This paper explored the lived experiences of selected pastors’ kids presently enrolled in Northern Luzon Adventist College, by describing their relationship with their parent, their social, mental, emotional and spiritual experience as a pastor’s kid. This study also sought to determine the philosophies and attitude of the PK’s  father based on the PK’s perception and its effect to the PK’s everyday life. Method: Descriptive phenomenology design was utilized to capture the essence of the phenomenon related to the lived experiences of the selections. Ethical principles of anonymity, confidentiality, non-maleficence, autonomy and justice were ensured. Purposive convenience sampling was utilized in choosing the participants. Data were gathered through unstructured individual interview and focused group discussion (FGD). The interview were coded and converted into field notes. Bracketing was observed. The underpinning philosophy of Husserl’s was utilized. A repertory grid was conducted and qualitative data were reduced and analyzed using Van Kaam’s method of analysis and validation strategies were implemented to attain the scientific rigor of the study. This approach led in capturing the lived experiences  of PKs. Results: Eleven themes from the gathered stories were extracted and these are the following: Expectations perceived as greater than for others, emotional behavior, religious commitment, societal behavior, disciplinary method, lack of time for the family, communication, the status of having a pastor as a father, ability to be oneself without being notice, and feelings towards moving.Conclusion: The unique but meaningful experiences of a pastor’s kid affect their spiritual, social, physical and emotional aspect, either positively or negatively. In the course of these experiences, some of them were able to adapt and considers being a PK as a privilege and were able to fit themselves in the ministry. However, others felt that they are being pressured to be good considering that they are a PK. As a result, they often hide in their shell and if they come out, they are in a different personality. Participants with a negative outcome in their experiences are those who experiences rigid disciplinary method, and those with less quality time with the father. On the other hand, those having a positive effect on their experiences also develop a positive attitude and develop positive philosophies in life.

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Alonso, P. J., Calaunan, D. R. L., Calaunan, B. L., Gomez, A. M. B., Habon, C. S., & Sanchez, C. L. A. (2016). Lived Experiences Of A Pastor’s Kid. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 4(1), 80.