Which Law Serves for the Christians as “Tutor” to Christ?


  • Ismael P. Cabason Adventist University of the Philippines



law, tutor, pupil, ceremonial law, natural law


Among the epistles of Paul, the book of Galatians along with Romans, are considered by many readers as theologically difficult. Especially in his indiscriminate use of the word law. In Galatians 3 alone, the term law has been used more than ten times. One of the issues in this particular letter, is, when Paul claims that “the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ” (Gal 3:24 NKJV). The Old Testament alone has 600 laws. The questions that emerged: first, which law − natural, ceremonial, moral, civil, dietary and health, social, purity − serve as the tutor of the Christians to Christ? Second, the word tutor from Greek paidagogos, in what sense does the lawbecome the tutor to Christ? The result of the study showed that the laws are the Christians’ tutorto Christ. All the ceremonial laws, though temporary in its duration, contained in ordinances in all His types and sacrifices; and the moral law, as enduring, showed the absolute need of a Redeemer served as tutor to Christ. The tutor functions as the guardian, trainer, supervisor, protector, in-charge, trustworthy slave, custodian and disciplinarian conduct the pupil to the Christ.

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