Study of Phenomenology of Drug Consumption Patterns of Individuals With Hypertension in Working Areas of Parongpong Health Center West Bandung

  • Glory Grifith B. Saragih Universitas Advent Indonesia
  • Jeanny Rantung Universitas Advent Indonesia
Keywords: Drug consumption pattern, Experience, Hypertension


In 2016 West Java was the fourth-ranked province as the region with the highest prevalence ofhypertension, which was 29.4% in Indonesia. Failure to treat hypertension was found due tolow compliance in the use of hypertension drugs. Non-compliance with the consumption ofantihypertensive drugs will have an impact on the incidence of uncontrolled blood pressure.Long term Uncontrolled blood pressure can cause complications of the disease and even death.The purpose of this study is to identify the overview of hypertensive patients in consuminghypertension drugs.This study uses a qualitative method with a phenomenological approach through in-depthinterviews on 6 people with hypertension, using semi-structured questions about theirexperience in taking hypertension medication.From this study, it was found that taking medication for a long period caused a feeling oflaziness and boredom in taking medicine, resulting in patients with hypertension who stoppedconsuming medication. Fear of side effects from taking medication for a long time makeshypertensive patients decided to stop the consumption of hypertension medicine.It is hoped that this research can be an input to improve health promotion to reduce the failureof hypertension treatment.
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