The Accuracy of The Springate and Zmijewski in Predicting Financial Distress in Cosmetic and Household Subsector Companies

  • Lorina Siregar Sudjiman universitas advent indonesia
  • Paul Eduard Sudjiman Universitas Advent Indonesia
Keywords: Financial Statement, Springate, Zmijewski, Financial Distress, Bangkrupt


Bankruptcy begins with a condition of financial distress. The purpose of this study was to test and analyze the accuracy of financial distress predictions in Cosmetic and Household Subsector Companies listing on the Indonesia Stock Exchange use two models: the Springate (S-Score) model and Zmijweski model. The population in this study are companies in the Cosmetic and Household Subsector Companies listing on the Indonesia Stock Exchange which publishes audited financial statements for fiscal year 2010-2017, which amounted to 5 companies: Martina, MRAT, TCID, UNLV, and ADES. Data analysis technique used is descriptive qualitative analysis using Springate score and Zmijewski score. Model Springate with valuation criteria S> 0.862 classified as healthy company, while Zmijewski sets the criteria, if the firm's score is less than 0 (X <0), then the company goes into nonfinancial distress (healthy). From the analysis of financial distress used the S-Score Springate model on Cosmetic and Household Subsector Companies in 2010-2017, companies experiencing distress condition of 21.57%. From the second model used a Zmijweski model, the entire enterprise in good condition. Thus, the accurate prediction method for Cosmetic and Household Subsector Companies registered in Indonesia is the Zmijweski models. The issue of effectiveness in carrying out the company's operational activities must be payed attention both from sales activities, purchases and other activities, so that reduce the decline in corporate profits. However, based on the overall average value the five companies showed healthy conditions. 
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