Hypoglycemic Activity of Extract Leaf and Root Plant of Jombang (Taraxacum Officinale) in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Wistar Male Rats

  • donn richard ricky universitas advent indonesia
  • Mettison M. Silitonga
Keywords: Hypoglycemic, jombang, leaf extract, root extract, blood glucose


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a serious health problem worldwide, World Health Organization(WHO) declared Indonesia takes the fourth place in the DM problem. To overcome thisproblem, a synthesis drug and medicines have been produced. But production from thismedicine has side effects and require a lot of money for it, while many try to find a solutionto this disease. There are plants that can help in lowering blood glucose and that is Jombangas we known as dandelion. Because of this plant ability, this research is made. The purpose ofthis study is to obtain accurate data for lowering white rat’s blood glucose from 1 g extract ofleaf and root as determined volume is 0.4 ml, 0.6 ml, and 0.8 ml from leaf extract eachcontains 0.65 g, 0.97 g, and 1.29 g and root extract each contains 0.77 g, 1.15 g, and 1.54 gweight wet of herbs. This study uses True Experimental Design, 22 male rats are divided intofive groups: Negative Control (Group I), Positive Control (group II), Experiment I (groupIII): Rats were induced by alloxan and given extracted jombang leaves orally as much as 0.4ml (0.65 gram), 0.6 ml (0.97 gram), and 0.8 ml (1.29gram), Experiment II (group IV): Ratswere induced by alloxan and given extracted jombang roots orally as much as 0.4 ml (0.77grams), 0.6 ml (1.15 grams) and 0.8 ml (1.54 grams) and Experiment III (Group v): Ratswere induced by alloxan and given extracted as much mixture of leaves and roots of Jombang0.4 ml (0.71 gram), 0.6 ml (1.06 gram) and 0.8 ml (1.42 gram). Treatment started from day 6to day 15 and administered twice a day every 12-hour. The measurement of data wascollected on day 6, 9, 12, and 15. The data obtained is analyzed with logistic regression,ANOVA multivariate followed by Duncan’s multiple range test. The result showed that thevolume of group leaf extract, robot extract and the mixture of leaf and root extract 0.4 ml (0.65 g), 0.6 ml (0.97 g), and 0.8 ml (1.29 ml) can reducing blood glucose levels in alloxan-induced rats at the end of the Study. The best volume of extract in lowering blood glucose is 0.4 ml (1.42 g) mixture of leaf and root extracts of Jombang.
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