Organizational Climate and Self-Efficacy as Correlates of Conflict Management in Faith-Based Basic Education Institutions


  • Leonardo Bonquin Dorado Adventist University of the Philippines
  • Garlene Chris B Liona


Organizational Climate, Conflict Management, Faith-Based Institution, Self-efficacy


Conflict management has been an issue in higher education institutions (HEIs), however
limited studies were conducted specifically among faith-based basic education institutions.

The aim of this research was to determine what correlates to conflict management in faith-
based basic institutions. This study answered the following objectives: (a) to determine the

extent of organizational climate, self-efficacy, and conflict management of teachers; (b) to
find out the significant relationship of the three variables; (c) to determine the moderator
variables that affect conflict management. This descriptive correlation design and used
random sampling and ratio and proportion techniques in the selection of 320 teachers as
respondents in selected faith-based basic education institutions in the Philippines. Using
descriptive and inferential statistics the study found that the organizational climates of the
respondents were highly favorable and their self-efficacy is interpreted as high. All of the
conflict management practices were highly practiced. The most practiced conflict
management were integrating, compromising, and obliging. Correlation analysis revealed that
organizational climate and self-efficacy were significant related to integrating,
compromising, obliging and/or avoiding. Furthermore, Teachers between 41-50 years old
choose integrating of conflict management practices and teachers with post-graduate degrees
tend to use integrating and compromising conflict management. The findings showed that a
further study can be made in faith-based HEI’s to see other implication it can bring to
management, program and policy of the organization.

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