The Temple Motif in the Book of Haggai: A Call for Theocentric Perspective and Priorities in the Post Modern and Technological World


  • Andresito P Fernando Adventist University of the Philippines


Eschatological Hope, God’s Sovereignty, Theocentric Perspective, Generation Z, Generation X, Millennials, Temple Motif


The temple motif in the Book of Haggai offers timeless truths that remain relevant to every
generation of its readers. The Jews, coming from their exile, initially did fairly well in
rebuilding their city and their temple in Jerusalem. However, things turned from good to bad
when the experience of perennial hardships, economic considerations, and self-centeredness
affected the lives of the Jewish returnees. Not only did the Jews lost their interest in
rebuilding the temple, but their theocentric perspective had been lost and was replaced by
misdirected priorities. It was in this setting that Haggai delivered his message. Utilizing
exegetical method and synthetic analysis of the Book of Haggai, this study presents the
theological concept of the temple theme in Haggai and relates it to the contemporary time.
The purpose of this study is to find parallel concepts that make the message of the Book of
Haggai relevant to the present time. The contemporary period that is characterized by moral,
political, and economic chaos seems to diminish Christian’s sense of the sovereignty and
presence of God who is able to provide during difficult times. On the other side is the
continuous resurgence of post modernism, secularism, human-centered ideology, and rapid
advance in technology that leads the present generation to a paradigm shift from Godcentered way of life to self-centeredness. Generations belonging to the “Millennials,”
“Generation X,” and “Generation Z,” that dominate the present era appear to share some
basic commonalities - they are digital natives, immersed in technology , internet enthusiasts,
and rigorously preoccupied by personal achievements. These mindset appear to place
religion at the backseat.
This study found out that the temple motif in the Book of Haggai assures every Christians
that God does not leave His people during difficult time. However there is a call for decisive
action to make God the center of their life and their priorities. Positive response to the
message of Haggai has a far reaching repercussion - God’s blessings in the present life and
the eschatological hope in the coming Kingdom of God.

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