Social Media Exposure: Its Relationship to Contingencies of Self-Worth and Happiness of Generations X and Y Nurses


  • Angel Grace Fio Bingcang Adventist University of the Philippines
  • Krishanne Mae F. Fallar
  • Patricia Joy A. Cequiña
  • Hilfred Dan U. Dela Torre


social media, self-worth, happiness


Social media or social networking sites have been widely used to get connected with family
and friends and stay up-to date with the recent news, research, and many more. The effect,
however, created an impact whether it brings positive or negative result to the end users. This
study was conducted to determine the relationship of social media exposure to the
contingencies of self-worth and happiness of Generations X and Y nurses. Nurses, despite the
work demands, have to carry on with the responsibility of identification, analysis,
interpretation and dissemination of nursing knowledge within the health care system. The
researchers used a descriptive correlational design. A modified version of Crocker’s
Contingencies of Self-worth Scale, Oxford Scale of Happiness and a self-constructed social
media exposure questionnaire were used to measure the variables being studied. Data from
125 respondents comprising of both generation X and Y respondents were analyzed and
interpreted using mean, standard deviation, Kruskal Wallis test, and Pearson correlation.
Results showed that Facebook was commonly used by the respondents followed by
Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, respectively. Facebook was used for an average of at least
one to three hours. Contingencies of self-worth and happiness were both high. Furthermore,
the results showed that there is no significant relationship between social media exposure of
Generation X and Y nurses and contingencies of self-worth and happiness. Those belonging
to the Generation X are happier than Generation Y regardless of their age and gender. Those
with low income have been found out to have low levels of happiness. The researchers
recommend that one must be matured enough before they can be allowed to engage in social
media exposure so that negative influences will be avoided.

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Bingcang, A. G. F., Fallar, K. M. F., Cequiña, P. J. A., & Dela Torre, H. D. U. (2019). Social Media Exposure: Its Relationship to Contingencies of Self-Worth and Happiness of Generations X and Y Nurses. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 7(1), 327-346.