Relationship of Hardiness Personality With Nurse Burnout


  • James Richard Maramis Universitas Klabat
  • Juliana Cong Universitas Klabat


Burnout, Personality Hardiness, Nurse


Burnout is work-related stress that occurs for a long time. One factor that can affect fatigue is
personality characteristics. Hardiness is a personality characteristic that makes individuals
stronger, more resistant, stable in dealing with stress. This study aims to determine the
relationship between hardiness personality and burnout among nurses at Manado Adventist
Hospital. The research design used is descriptive correlation with cross-sectional approach
and purposive sampling technique. The number of samples in this study were 51 respondents.
The statistical test results showed 25 respondents (49.0%) had Very High hardiness
personalities, 25 respondents (49.0%) had High hardiness personalities, and 1 respondent
(2.0%) had Moderate hardiness personalitie; 26 respondents (51.0%) had Low burnout, and
25 respondents (49.0%) had Moderate burnout. Pearson correlation test results showed a
significant value that is p value 0.033 <0.05 with a correlation coefficient value r = -0.299
which indicates a weak and significant relationship with the negative direction between
hardiness and burnout personality in nurses at Advent Manado Hospital. Recommendations
for future researchers to be able to add factors that affect hardiness personality such as social
support, top five personalities and can use other methods to see the extent of the influence of
hardiness personality on fatigue

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