Nursing Experience in Treating People Living With Hiv/Aids (Plwha) at Adventist Hospital Bandung


  • Alma Tauji A. Rimbing Universitas Advent Indonesia
  • Palupi Triwahyuni Universitas Advent Indonesia


Experience, Nurses, HIV/AIDS


Health workers that are the most faced by People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) is
anurse. According to UNAIDS, 2016 reluctance of health workers to reach out to the
population of PLWHA can limit HIV prevention and care services for PLWHA this statement
also supported by the researcher experience of feeling reluctance to reach out to PLWHA
patients. That is why the researcher is interested to do this research. This study uses
qualitative methods with the phenomenology approach. There are 6 informants on this
research which is female nurses with minimum of working experience in Bandung Adventist
Hospital for 2 years or above and working in medical hospital ward. The data are gathered
using snowball sampling and in-depth interview. Coallizi’s method are used to analyze the
interview results. From this research can be found that the informant has knowledge of
HIV/AIDS disease, being acceptance to care for PLWHA, providing nursing care of
thoroughly, and can establish good communication despite facing obstacles such as patients
who would not open up. This research can be an input to enhance the sense of empathy in
providing nursing care in patients People Living with HIV/AIDS.

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Rimbing, A. T. A., & Triwahyuni, P. (2019). Nursing Experience in Treating People Living With Hiv/Aids (Plwha) at Adventist Hospital Bandung. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 7(1), 466-474.