The Study of Gadget Addiction of Among University Students


  • Mangadar Simbolon Universitas Advent Indonesia
  • Stephanie Bethania Pearly Simbolon Universitas Advent Indonesia


addiction, student, gadget


Data in the country of Indonesia in 2017 shows the number of gadget users is 74.9
million people, while those exposed or using social media is 129.2 million.
Research done in 2017 showed that 168 children to elderly were using gadgets
(100%). The purpose of this study was to find out how dependent a person is on the
gadget. Respondents of this study were the 270 university students. The method
used in this study was descriptive utilizing the accidental sampling technique. The
results showed that: 100% of the respondents feel the gadget is vibrating even if it
doesn’t. 99.6% of respondents check gadget every now and then, respondents bring
the gadget to the bathroom (99.6%), and panic when gadget is not found (99.6%).
Further results revealed that 99.3 % of the respondents are more preoccupied with
their gadget and 99.6% of them examined their gadgets regularly. This study
concluded that students are very dependent on their gadgets since these are their
source of information.

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