Self-Regulation and Discipline of Unai Girls Dormitory on 2018/2019 Proposed for A Program

  • Yane Restuwaty Walukouw Universitas Advent Indonesia
  • Mangadar Simbolon Universitas Advent Indonesia
Keywords: Self-Regulation, self-discipline, girls dormitory


Discipline is one of the key of success in reaching the college highest academic achievement Discipline requires self-regulation). This study measured the correlation between self- regulation and discipline among Unai girls’ dormitory residents of school year 2018/2019. This study occupied descriptive correlation method with convenient sampling held in UNAI chapel program on May 3, 2019. Out of 477 girls dormitory residents, 297 students were able to return the questionnaires. The Self-Regulation questionnaire was modified from The Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SRQ) and Discipline questionnaire was modified from Discipline with Purpose Questionnaire. The reliability of those questionnaires were .882 (high). This study found that there was significant relationship between Self-Regulation and Discipline of UNAI girls’ dormitory residents on 2018/2019 with correlation .353 (low correlation). This low correlation measures happened because the residents are more afraid of punishment rather than practicing self-regulation.
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