Correlation between the Attention Given by Parents and Student’s Academic Achievement


  • Deisye Supit Universitas Klabat


Parents’ attention, students’ achievement


This quantitative study employed a descriptive-correlative approach which aims to find out the level of parents’ attention and the level of students’ achievement. The correlation study is to find out if there any significant correlation between the parents’ attention with the students’ achievement. The respondents in this study were 64 students in grade VIII A and B of a Junior High School in semester I 2016/2017. The questionnaire in this study was adopted from Rismawati (2015) based on the theory of Slameto (2010). The questionnaire was about the parents’ attention with students’ achievement. This study applied convenience sampling method. The result shows that the students’ achievement is in a good category. It also shows that there is no significant relationship between parents’ attention and students’ achievement. It is recommended for the teachers to inform to the parents to give more attention to the students. The parents are supposed to give more attention to their children, for the students achievement, however, may be affected by their attention. For the students, it is expected to improve the achievement; and for the researcher, it is very useful in improving the knowledge in order to be a wiser educator.

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