Factors Affecting User Satisfaction in Business Organizations As Perceived by Employees


  • Grace Orlyn Sitompul Universitas Advent Indonesia



Technological variables, organizational variables, user characteristics, user satisfaction


In the previous studies, there were related topics on User Satisfaction and its factors, while some research findings have revealed that User Satisfaction is influenced by several factors, such as technological variables, organizational variables, and user characteristics. However, how these factors interact with one another, directly or indirectly in influencing User Satisfaction was not understood well enough. Further, which of these factors are the most significant in affecting User Satisfaction is also not yet established. This study was to integrate the factors found to influence User Satisfaction together in one model using Structural Equation Modelling. The endogenous variable for the study was User Satisfaction, and the exogenous variables were technology adoption, technology ease of use, organizational culture, top management support, user knowledge, and user skill. For data collection, combinations of online and face-to-face surveys were used. A total of 222 HRIS users of selected business organizations in the Philippines and Indonesia completed the survey. Top management support has an indirect effect on user satisfaction through technology ease of use (β = 0.773) and user skill (β = 0.165). Organizational culture (β= 0.253), technology ease of use (β = 0.490), and user skill (β = 0.165) have a direct effect on user satisfaction.

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