Teachers ́ Perception of Coherence in High School Biology Textbooks in Zambia


  • Kwangaika Mwala Sinjela Asia-Pacific International University
  • Jimmy Kijai School of Education, Andrews University
  • Josephine Esther Katenga Faculty of Education and Psychology, Asia-Pacific International University



Textbook coherence, Textbook-syllabus coherence., Biology textbook assessment, Teacher´s perception, Assessment of textbooks in Zambia


Textbook coherence is an important aspect of effective teacher ́s instruction and performance
of students. However, the subject has not been explored regarding school textbooks in
Zambia. This study involved assessing coherence of senior biology high school textbooks
(MK Biology10, Longman Biology11 and Pupil ́s Biology12) and the extent to which these
books are aligned with the biology course syllabus. Using quantitative research design,
coherence was conceptualized as a unit of three constructs: alignment and organization, rigor,
focus and relevance of contents and connections among ideas. A questionnaire instrument
was developed which teachers in Mufulira and certain other districts in Zambia (n = 82) used
to assess textbook and textbook-syllabus coherence. Data was analyzed using statistical
methods, independent t-tests and One-way ANOVA. Results show that teachers were
generally uncertain about coherence levels in the textbooks. Concerning textbook-syllabus
alignment, Pupil ́s Biology12 was viewed as most coherent with the course syllabus and MK
Biology10 as the least. Assessment of coherence is a complex process but it focuses on few
common elements. Identifying these elements may help teachers improve teaching practice,
curriculum developers design coherent curricula and educational activities, and authors
produce coherent textbooks. Further research studies are recommended that would extend the
scope of this study to include teachers in all provinces in Zambia, include a mixed method to
explore perceptions about coherence, compare coherence of same grade level textbooks, or
evaluate coherence of the syllabus and that of other science or non-science textbooks.

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Sinjela, K. M., Kijai, J., & Katenga, J. E. (2019). Teachers ́ Perception of Coherence in High School Biology Textbooks in Zambia. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 7(1), 1466-1489. https://doi.org/10.35974/isc.v7i1.926

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