Relationship of Knowledge on Healthy Lifestyle to Dietary Practices and Physical Activity as Moderated by Age


  • Mary Anne Grace Malagamba Dorado Adventist University of the Philippines
  • Abraham P Racca


Knowledge, Dietary Practices, Physical Activity


Lifestyle – related diseases remained to be on the top ten killer according to the World Health
Organization. Literature indicates that diseases are highly related to lifestyle practices. On
the other hand, optimal health is a perceived goal of the greater population, however, putting
it into practice is a challenge. The study determined the following: 1) the level of knowledge
on healthy lifestyle, dietary practices and physical activity; 2) the relationship of knowledge
on healthy lifestyle to dietary practices and physical activities, and 3) the relationship of
knowledge to dietary practice and relationship of knowledge to physical activities according
to age group. A Descriptive-correlational design was employed. The data were gathered
among 66 randomly selected university students staying in the dormitories; who are at least
18 years of age, in which 24 are males and 42 are females, and 40 have earned at most a
bachelor’s degree and 26 have at least earned units in a master’s program. Utilizing adapted
instruments, respondents were scored on a 12-item instrument in knowledge where in each
correct answer correspond to one point, 27-item instrument on healthy lifestyle in terms of
diet where in each appropriate response correspond to one point, and 4-item instrument on
healthy lifestyle in terms of physical activities. In turn, the highest possible score of
knowledge, diet, and physical activities are 12, 27, and 4, respectively. Descriptive results
revealed that respondents have high knowledge on healthy lifestyle, have fair dietary
practices and moderate practice of physical activities. Furthermore, knowledge on healthy
lifestyle is not significantly correlated to dietary practices physical activities. However, a
significant relationship was found when respondents were grouped according to age; only
those 24 years old and above were found to have significant results. Hence, a
recommendation to increase the accessibility and reinforcement values of exercise and
physical activity that will have immediate and long term health benefits for college students.

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Dorado, M. A. G. M., & Racca, A. P. (2019). Relationship of Knowledge on Healthy Lifestyle to Dietary Practices and Physical Activity as Moderated by Age. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 7(1), 230-243.