Editorial Team

Editorial Board

Chief Editor

Jemmy C. Najoan, MAR
E-mail: jemmy.najoan@unai.edu
Area of study: Biblical Studies
Lecturer in Fakultas Filsafat, Universitas Advent Indonesia

Assoc. Editor

Christar Rumbay
E-mail: crumbay@tua.nl
Areas of Study: Intercultural Studies, Systematic Theology, and Interreligious
S3 Theologische Universiteit Apeldoorn, Belanda, Ph.D in Systematic Theology (on going, finishing dissertation)

Editorial Members

Henry Sitanggang
E-mail: henrysitanggang@gmail.com
Areas of Study: Biblical Studies
Program Director and Lecturer in Theological Study Department, Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Advent Papua (STTAP)

Exson Pane
E-mail: exson.pane@unai.edu
Areas of Study: Systematic Theology
Lecturer at Universitas Advent Indonesia, Department of Philosophy, Indonesia

Gabriel Masfa
E-mail: masfag@babcock.edu.ng
Area of Study: Church History and Adventist Studies
Lecturer at Babcock University, Department of Religious Studies, Nigeria

Website Coordinator

Obaja Lumbanraja, M.Kom.
E-mail: obaja.lumbanraja@unai.edu