Spiritual Accountability Practices in Disipleship


  • Mangadar Simbolon Universitas Advent Indonesia
  • Davied Zebedeus



Being the disciples of God creates a need for agreeing to hold each other accountable in a manner pleasing to the Lord. Although accountability would be a recommended experience in order to grow spiritually, the practices might be unknown to the pastor or the church’s members if there is no clear intention to do it. Referring to the participants taken from the members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, this study helps indicate the aspect of spiritual growth collectively. The research study has been conducted to Indonesian Seventh-day Adventist fellowship in Manila. It focuses on how the members practice their role of discipleship through spiritual accountability. The members of this church are comprised of mostly young employees or young families who work in the metropolis of Manila within the age of 20-35 approximately. Other churches are obviously not included because it may not lead this research to reach its conclusion in such time allotted for it. The native origin of the researchers also counts heavily on the reasons why this church is selected.

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