Theological View of “Marching Band Prayer” as Part of Evangelistic Project


  • Good Meet Universitas Advent Indonesia
  • Milton T. Pardosi Universitas Advent Indonesia


Compass the target, Prayer


The story of Israel’s victory when it conquered the city of Jericho was
remarkable. God gave Israel a tremendous victory. They had to compass the city
once a day for six days, and seven times on the seventh day. Then the wall fell
down flat and Israel won the battle. Based on this story, some Christians
nowadays practice the Israelite’s victory over the city of Jericho in terms of
evangelism, winning a soul, praying for the sick, and in a great event
like evangelistic meeting that ends up to baptism. They’re doing a program where
they walk or commute just to visit houses, compass a place, a region, or
a target city and then pray. The concepts to be questioned are: 1. How is the
correct prayer: concerning the content and the way to pray? 2. Is it important for
the target of prayer to know that those who get involved in the project are praying
for the target? Through this research the author conclude that the story of Israel’s
victory over Jericho was God’s plan and under his command and instruction.
Victory directly comes from God as written in Joshua 6:2, 3, “And the LORD said
unto Joshua, See, I have given into thine hand Jericho, and the king thereof, and
the mighty men of valour, and ye shall compass the city.” The author suggests that
Seventh-day Adventist members do not do these. The Lord gave his people
nowadays strategy in spreading the gospel, how to heal the sick, how to
encourage, and how to win a soul.

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