Max Scheler’s Axiological Study on The Action of Changing Genitals in Humans (Transsexual)


  • Milton T. Pardosi Universitas Advent Indonesia
  • Septiana Dwiputri Maharani Universitas Gadjah Mada


Genital Surgery, Axiology, Nature


One of the developments in modern science today is a surgery to change genitals in humans.
This has become an important issue in society because of the pros and cons. The most
opposed groups are religious groups. Some countries have legalized this action while others
have not. The backgrounds of people deciding to change their genitals are twofold: first,
because they feel they are in the “wrong body” where their behavior is contrary to the
genitals they have. Second, the development of genital devices is not perfect. That is why an
axiology study needs to be made on the decision to change the genitals in humans. Axiology
itself means the science or theory of the nature of values which investigates values in terms of
their nature, their size, and their metaphysical status relating to their usefulness. In axiology,
Max Scheler gave four levels of value, namely: (1) The value of “enjoyment” or “pleasure”
(agreeable) and “dislike” or “displeasure” (disagreeable); (2) The value of vitality or welfare
or life (vital feeling); (3) Spiritual values; (4) Holiness or holy value. Of the four values of
Max Scheler, it was found that the decision to change the genitals in humans does not have
the essence of any value except just the value of enjoyment or pleasure. That is, this kind of
action actually denies the nature of existing values. The value of enjoyment obtained through
sex change surgery is actually only “mortal” or for a moment enjoyment because it is
precisely the disappointment that appears at the end. It is just the lowest value out of four.
Therefore, the author suggested that those who feel themselves trapped in the “wrong body”
are better off doing psychiatric and religious therapy so that the nature of the values that they
have can be developed rather than making changes to the genitals.

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