Tuberculosis Patient Adherence to Treatment and Transmission to Home Contact Family Members


  • Ernawaty Siagian Universitas Advent Indonesia


tuberculosis, treatment compliance, family home contact transmission


Tuberculosis is a contagious disease that is still a problem in the health world until today. Treatment of tuberculosis is one of the main strategies in controlling tuberculosis because it can break the transmission chain, especially in families of household contacts where transmission is twice as risky as casual or unfamiliar contact. This study analyzed the secondary data on patient adherence to pulmonary tuberculosis treatment sessions and transmission to household contact families in 2016-2017 at a private hospital in Indonesia. This research used a correlative descriptive design with Secondary Data Analysis (ADS) approach using existing data namely, TB 06 and TB 09. Sixty TB patients were utilized based on the report of patient data of TD DOTS year 2016-2017. The statistical analysis used was Pearson’s r. Result showed patient compliance of pulmonary tuberculosis to treatment sessions. The value of adherence was seen from all respondents who come to the referral clinic according to the TB 06, and TB 09. Investigation based on sputum is 23.3%. It means that from 60 respondents, there are only 14 people (23.3%) diagnosed of tuberculosis based on result of sputum and the remaining 46 people (76.7%) based on the result of the radiology. Identification of household contact family members found positive sputum smear examination of five people (8.3%) while four people (6.7%) were found to be undergoing tuberculosis treatment. There is a significant relationship between tuberculosis patient adherence to treatment sessions and transmission to household contact family with p value 0.001 (<0.05) with a moderate correlation (r) = 0.378%. In Discharge Planning Patient, the nurse includes TB 06 and TB 09 sheets for follow up treatment at the public health service center. The nurse needs to run educational programs on transmission behavior to hospitalized tuberculosis patient.

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