The Role of Nurses on Patient Compliance with Fluid Intake Restrictions during Interhemodialis


  • Novita Verayanti Manalu Universitas Advent Indonesia
  • Ernawaty Siagian Universitas Advent Indonesia


role of the nurse, limitation of patient’s fluid intake


The incidence of chronic renal failure over the past ten years is increasing and hundreds of thousands of people are undergoing hemodialysis. Non-compliance has a very apprehensive effect as it affects the occurrence of acute and chronic complications. The purpose of this research was to determine the relationship between nursing roles and patient compliance with fluid intake restrictions. It identified the distribution of the nurse’s role, the patient’s compliance with fluid intake restriction based on changes in body weight inter-hemodialysis and the relation between the nurse’s role with client compliance with fluid intake restriction, based on patient’s weight change. The population were 90 patients who underwent hemodialysis over one year. The descriptive correlation design was used; the instrument used a questionnaire consisting of 22 questions. Weight was measured after hemodialysis and before the next hemodialysis. The data analysis used univariate analysis for the role of nurse and patient compliance in limiting fluid intake and bivariate analysis to determine the Pearson Product Moment correlation between nurse role and patient compliance. The results showed that overall, nurses always performed their role as nurse care provider, educator, consultant and collaboration, with a percentage of 56.3%.Compliance variable showed that patient obedience in limiting fluid intake was 58.9%, with mild gain weight. Pearson correlation test results obtained a p value of p=0.000 and r of 0.773 which means there is a significant relationship between the role of nurses with patient compliance to limitation of fluid intake.

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Manalu, N. V., & Siagian, E. (2018). The Role of Nurses on Patient Compliance with Fluid Intake Restrictions during Interhemodialis. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 6(1), 104.

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