Relationship of Job Design, Organizational Commitment on Compensations of Physicians In A Private Hospital, Philippines

  • Sechelle P. Smith Adventist University of the Philippines
  • Phyo Wai Lin Thein Adventist University of the Philippines
Keywords: Job Design, Organizational Commitment, Compensation


The profession of a physician is one of the highly respected and challenging jobs in the world today. It is one of the fields where intelligence and hard decisions are made to save lives. This study examined the relationship between job design, organizational commitment, and compensations; if job design and organizational commitment are predictors of compensation of physicians of a private hospital in Manila, Philippines; and if there is a significant difference in compensation when physician’s gender and years of service are considered. The research design was correlational using a t-test, analysis of variance (ANOVA), regression, and Pearson Correlation. Fifty hospital physicians were conveniently selected to answer a self-constructed questionnaire. The study revealed that job design and organizational commitment has a positive correlation to compensation in a health facility. Sex and years of service of the physicians do not differ on compensation. The study also revealed that attention should be given to organizational commitment. Organizational commitment predicted a positive relationship to compensation, but job design in terms of prediction, could not predict compensation though it had a positive relationship, which requires future studies to further investigate using other variables. 
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Author Biography

Enoch Asuah-Duodu is currently pursuing Master of Business Administration emphasis Hospital and Health Care Management at Adventist University of the Philippines. He studied Bachelor of Art in Theology from Valley View University in Ghana. He is an ordained theologian and practice ministry from 2013-2018 in Mid-North Ghana Conference in West Africa. He has also worked with Kintampo Health Research Center in Ghana as a field worker from 2002-2003. A trained teacher from Offinso College of Education in Ghana from 2003-2006, and taught at the elementary level for two years.


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