• Gerry Takaria


Conflict into the lives of the people of GOD, entered in the various sides.
Conflicts occur between members of the members, members of the Council of the
church, members of the congregation Pastor, between members of Council with the
members of Council, the Council members with Pastor Church. The conflict led to a
split in the body of the people of GOD, if not anticipated or well managed.
Pastor, Council and Members of the church need to understand the true
foundation in managing conflict, so as to prevent it or bring disunity that may have
occurred to the settlement as the Lord wanted. The Bible teaches Christians to
manage conflicts with: 1. vision is thanks to GOD, who invites the parties to the
conflict to continue to love each other properties; 2. The charge was Justice GOD,
all efforts should be emphasized to the completion of GOD justice is not justice
according to human, thus bringing the conflicting parties to a win-win result; 3.
Make it happen in accordance with the Truth GOD, foundation to every problem
must be based on the truth of GOD, not truths sinful man; 4. The process of
reconciliation, to bring all issues to the restoration of relationships that resolve all
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