Managing Management Boundaries of Creativity and Design


  • Noah Anburaj Balraj Asia-Pacific International University


reativity, design, boundaries, management, domains


This descriptive study examined the fundamental beliefs of creativity and design in management perspective. The problem of managing management boundaries of creativity and design is quite challenging. The researcher identified the elements that exert influence to creativity and design of products. Data were collected mainly on two broad perspectives to find solutions to the existing challenge. Observation method was used to identify product creativity and design boundaries using, (a) the product design of personal computers in comparison with the compatibility of human and other structures; (b) how nature and its stakeholders contribute to creativity and design. Systematic methodology using grounded theory especially by inferential and theoretical generalization was used. Analyzed data considered the functional impact of the products in relation to needs of human living and creativity and design. Physical, cognitive, spiritual and social criteria were used for deriving conclusions on the data analyzed from the product/elements. Findings revealed that the boundaries of creativity and design were directly proportionate to the reflection and growth of human being’s (consumers’) physical, cognitive, spiritual and social domains. This logical/scientific ongoing process is often hidden and unspoken but still occurs naturally. A further study on components of creativity could be undertaken.

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