Consumer Behavior on Consumption of Smartphone


  • Noah Anburaj Balraj Asia-Pacific International University


Smartphone use, cognitive use, social relationships, spiritual growth


Consumers undergo different stages in their need fulfilment processes and exhibit behaviors in product procurement, product consumption and product disposal. This research paper focused mainly on consumer behavior on consumption of the product, the Smartphone. Under product consumption, the paper mainly focuses on four different domains of user living viz., primary (physical) use, cognitive use, use of Smartphone to enhance social relationships, and use of Smartphone to enhance spiritual growth. The researcher used a questionnaire with closed ended statements or enquiry questions for quantitative assessment pertaining to consumer behavior on product (Smartphone) consumption. The results showed that both male and female use/consume their smartphones more for cognitive purposes than for the others. In cognitive use, the females are more active than males and this was the second most significant activity after its primary or physical use. Both used smartphones almost equally frequently towards building their social relationships. Smartphone consumption was the least used for spiritual development. Males dedicated more of their smartphones use for spiritual growth than females.

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Balraj, N. A. (2017). Consumer Behavior on Consumption of Smartphone. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 5(1), 15.