Management of Design Thinking and Growth in Product-Service Designs


  • noah anburaj balraj asia-pacific international university, thailand


Design thinking, product-service designs, management of design


The research paper deals with the study of products and services and its design thinking. Design thinking is one of the major branches of sciences that is fast developing with the economic development of nations around the globe. Design thinking could also be considered as a core human-centered, problem solving, and creative solutions to human living. There is a progressive modification of designs in the improvements of components both inside (functional components) and outside (aesthetics) of product-service design. The purpose of this study is to identify and understand the elements and the importance of design thinking and its implications in the management of design in products and services in organizations. Designs are the impact of the previous designs and the influences of human thinking on designs. Progressive learning on design thinking promotes a better understanding of consumer satisfaction. The methodology of the study was done with an observation method of product-service designs with a minimum of five years. The products considered are in the area of electronics (computer, mobile phones), service institutions, automobiles, road constructions, and houses. The data collected were of two categories, design patterns of aesthetics and functional components. Findings show there is progressive learning of human of physical factors on structural configuration and preferences relating to human physical, cognitive, spiritual and social need fulfillment. Designs fundamentally originate from human mind for ease of life (convenience), human behavioral factors, and structural implications. Design origins imply an understanding of consumers’ preferences by producers. Better designs generate demand. The inducement of designs in products and services improves consumers’ satisfaction. Further study could be undertaken on
design functional thinking. Discussions on design thinking highlight design aptness in daily living, acceptance of design is subjective rather than objective, cost and design, creativity and design and the scope of design.

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