Makna Gambar dan Rupa Allah Serta Konsekuensinya Bagi Manusia


  • Stimson Hutagalung


Man is the crown of God's creation which is different from the rest of creation. Created in His image is a testament to how respected man among all the other creations. Humans will be valuable when the image / likeness of God is in him and reflect God’s thoughts and greatness, this is a haven for human judgment standard. Losing one’s self image of God means losing the value of life and not worthwhile anymore. And the power of thought play a vital role in reflecting the image of God made ​​man worth.

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Hutagalung, S. (2013). Makna Gambar dan Rupa Allah Serta Konsekuensinya Bagi Manusia. Jurnal Koinonia: Fakultas Filsafat Universitas Advent Indonesia, 5(1), 64-70.



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