Weather The Storm: Evangelizing Amidst The Pandemic


  • Alvyn Cesarianto Hendriks Universitas Advent Indonesia
  • Anne Lou Hendriks Universitas Advent Indonesia
  • Jemmy C. Najoan Universitas Advent Indonesia


Evangelization, Corona Virus Disease 2019, pandemic, digital science and technology


The Corona Virus Disease 2019 has caused tremendous effects to the various facets of human life. To mention some areas, it has disrupted the economy, education, transportation, food, employment, leisure, and worship services. However, though how destructive the pandemic has been, the church still spreads Gospel. Through its evangelization program, the church resorts to find effective ways how to reach both its current members and the unreached. Using qualitative method which focusing on the documentary research, this paper is purposed to discuss how the early church faced trials and found methods to do the commission. The result shows that amidst the trials the early church, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, always found a method to make the mission continue moving forward. The implication of the study shows that the digital science and technology is an effective method in attaining church’s mission despite the present situation of the world.

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Author Biographies

Alvyn Cesarianto Hendriks, Universitas Advent Indonesia

Dean and Lecturer,

Faculty Philosophy

Anne Lou Hendriks, Universitas Advent Indonesia

Faculty of Education

Jemmy C. Najoan, Universitas Advent Indonesia


Faculty of Philosophy


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Hendriks, A. C., Hendriks, A. L., & Najoan, J. C. . (2022). Weather The Storm: Evangelizing Amidst The Pandemic. Jurnal Koinonia: Fakultas Filsafat Universitas Advent Indonesia, 14(1), 72-85.

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