Media Framing in South Korean Drama “Crash Landing on You” towards North Korea


  • Lambok Sihombing Universitas President
  • Saffira Dellavia Universitas President


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The Korean Wave or well known as Hallyu has become more popular time by times. It shows when the entertainment industry could reach overseas audience and the example is through K-Drama called “Crash Landing on You”. This drama caught the audience attention by the story that they offers and this drama involving the story about South Korea and North Korea that also received several criticism from South Korean and North Korean audience about the story that the drama offers. This journal will discuss about the framing in the drama based on Goffman and Entman perspective and what kind of framing that they implement in this drama.

Keyword: Benefits of Concept Framing, Crash Landing on You, Framing, K-Drama Korean Broadcasting, Natural Framework, North Korea, Primary Framework, Social Framework, South Korea,

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