Editorial Board:

Executive Officer:  Chair of the English Department
Debora C. Simanjuntak, MA.Ed  (email:

Chief Editor: Caroline V Katemba, Ph.D. (email:

Editorial members & Peer Reviewers:

  1. Bill G. Wullur MA (TESOL) Ongoing Ph.D.– Curtin University, Australia
  2. Anne M. Hendriks, Ph.D. Candidate, Adventist International Advanced Studies, Philippines
  3. Joseph L. Tobing MSc, Washington Adventist University, DC, United State of America
  4. Nur Hafiz Abdurahman, University of Leicester, U.K.
  5. Ronny Kountur, Ph.D.  Asian-Pacific International University Thailand
  6. Pearl Villamarzo, Ph.D. (TESL) – University of Santo Thomas, Manila-Philippines
  7. Nelson B. Panjaitan, MA. Universitas Advent Indonesia, (UNAI)
  8. Ronald Elicay, Ph.D. (Research) – University of Ateneo de Naga, Philippines
  9. Linda Mallen, Ph.D. (TESL)- AMA Computer, Manila-Philippines
  10. Jocelyn  Ully L Tobing.BA.Eng, MA (English), Washington Adventist University, DC, United State of America
  11. Debora C. Simanjuntak, MA.Ed. Universitas Advent Indonesia (UNAI)
  12. Wiji Zubaedah Lestari, Universitas Islam Nusantara (UNINUS)
  13. Dr. Jenny Pakasi, Universitas Samratulangi Manado -Indonesia
  14. Dr. Arnel Gonzala – Jiling University China
  15. Marlin Marpaung, Universitas Advent Indonesia

Cover Design:

Debora C. Simanjuntak Simbolon, MA.Ed


Raymond Maulany, M.Kom

Reviewing Process:

After manuscripts are submitted online, the screening committee conducts an initial screening process. The managing editor assigns each manuscript that has passed the screening process to two associate editors for reviews. The assistant managing editor collects the reports of the two reviewers, and if both concur that the article is publishable, the assistant managing editor sends the article with the collected reports and recommendations to the managing editor. In consultation with the editor in chief, the managing editor makes the final decision on the acceptance of the manuscript and supervises revision and preparation for production. The whole review process normally takes more than six months.

Frequency Publication:

Electronic issues are published in January and August.

Aims and Scope:

Journal of English Language Pedagogy, Literature, and Culture (Jelpedlic) is the research journal for the Teaching of English, Literature & Culture. It publishes research-based articles, reviews, and poems, which reflect on every aspect of English teaching. The journal also considers new developments in literacy, drama, film, literacy studies, literature, language, media, and new technologies as they pertain to the teaching of English.

It also seeks to provide a forum for an open exchange of ideas, based on research and serious professional reflection on both the theoretical underpinning of practice and practical applications of theory. English Pedagogic welcomes contributions from all English teachers nationwide as well as fresh voices with something new to contribute to the community.

Author Fees:

All articles are made immediately available nationwide under an open-access license. This means:

  • everyone has free and unlimited access to the full-text of all articles published in these journals, and
  • everyone is free to re-use the published material if proper accreditation/citation of the original publication is given.

Journal of English Language Pedagogy, Literature, and Culture is a nonprofit Journal, does NOT charge publication/processing fees from the Author(s). NO subscription fee is levied for Libraries / Individuals. NO fee is levied for accessing published articles.


The Journal of English Language Pedagogy, Literature, and Culture is owned and copyrighted by the English Department of Universitas Advent Indonesia.