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: Acuity: Journal of English Language Pedagogy, Literature, and  Culture
: Jelpedlic
: 2 volume per year
prefix 10.35974/acuity by
: C.V.K. Tobing, Ph.D.  
: Raymond Maulany, M.Kom.
LPPM Universitas Advent Indonesia
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Journal of English Language Pedagogy, Literature, and  Culture (Jelpedlic) is the research journal for the Teaching of English, Literature & Culture. It publishes research-based articles, reviews, and poems, which reflect on every aspect of English teaching. The journal also considers new developments in literacy, drama, film, literacy studies, literature, language, media, and new technologies as they pertain to the teaching of English. It also seeks to provide a forum for an open exchange of ideas, based on research and serious professional reflection on both the theoretical underpinning of practice and practical applications of theory. English Pedagogic welcomes contributions from all English teachers nationwide as well as fresh voices with something new to contribute to the community

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Vol. 7 No. 1 (2022): FORTHCOMING ISSUE. Research Articles In Press. The complete Vol 7. no.1 will be released in January
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