Psychosocial well-being and Job Satisfaction among Nurses in the Philippines


  • Simon Akwasi Osei Adventist University of the Philippines
  • Fiskvik Boahemaa Antwi Valley View University
  • Williams Kwasi Peprah Adventist University of The Philippines


Psychosocial wellbeing, Job satisfaction, Registered nurses


Nursing is a profession in the health care sector that is pivotal and solely focused on serving
humanity. With having to carry that burden, issues regarding mental health among nurses
have been increasing. Stress is often encountered by nurses in the workplace, which
eventually leads to burnout. Initial evidence suggests that a positive or an increase in
psychosocial well-being increases job satisfaction. The purpose of the study was to examine
the relationship between psychosocial wellbeing and job satisfaction. and examine the
significant difference in psychological wellbeing and job satisfaction when considering age.
Correlational design utilized was used where 100 registered nurses were a purposive sample
from selected hospitals in the philippines. Psychosocial well-being was measured using Carol
Ryff’s Psychosocial Well-Being Questionnaire, and job satisfaction was measured using the
Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) by Paul Specter. The statistical treatment used was Pearson
correlation, T-Test to address the research questions. The results of the study showed that
there was a low positive significant relationship between psychosocial wellbeing and job
satisfaction. There was no significant difference in psychosocial wellbeing and job
satisfaction when age was considered. The results of the study showed that registered nurses
have high psychosocial wellbeing and which makes them have high job satisfaction at their
work environment. The study recommends that more studies should be done to identify
factors influencing psychosocial well-being, job satisfaction, Resilience-oriented training for
the nurses are suggested to enhance resilience and protect the nurses from extensive stress
and burnout as well as to benefit the organization with lower turnover rates and higher nursepatient outcome.

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Author Biography


Blesslove Pinamang Nimako is a devoted Registered Ghanaian Nurse who is currently enrolled in Master of Science in Nursing degree at the Saint Louis University, Baguio City in the Philippines. Her passion for the nursing profession has motivated her to conduct, disseminate and use research to promote the evidence-based nursing practice.




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NIMAKO, B. P., Osei, S. A., Antwi, F. B., & Peprah, W. K. (2019). Psychosocial well-being and Job Satisfaction among Nurses in the Philippines. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 7(1), 244-254.

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